• How Do I Install Envirospray 300?

    Within Australia, the installation is conducted by Enviro-Acoustics Pty Ltd, utilising precision pumping technology and experienced applicators located in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth.

  • What Is Envirospray 300?

    ENVIROSPRAY 300 is a cost effective, spray on acoustic coating used to obtain excellent reverberation control in internal spaces and high transmission loss barriers.

    Manufactured in six locations in Australia and Thailand from natural recycled fibres and treated with additives for compliance with Building Code fire resistance requirements, ENVIROSPRAY 300 can be spray applied up to 150mm thick to a range of surfaces such as metal, concrete, timber or plasterboard.

    After curing, ENVIROSPRAY 300 permanently bonds to the substrate surface and has a pleasing visual finish that has a carpet like texture.

    ENVIROSPRAY 300 is available in two natural colours – “Steel Grey” & “Off White”

  • Where Is Envirospray 300 Used?

    ENVIROSPRAY 300 is spray applied as a final visual finish to sound reflective surfaces to obtain superb noise absorption coefficients (NRC) in all frequencies. Standing wave (echo) generation is minimised with resultant “theatre acoustics” where speech and music are clearly audible with a reduction in ambient noise levels.

    • When ENVIROSPRAY 300 is sprayed into plasterboard (dry wall) cavities the combination assembly achieve exceptionally high transmission loss ratings. Several dry wall systems have been tested to obtain Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings of up to STC84.
    • ENVIROSPRAY 300 is sprayed directly to the underside of metal roofs to offer a monolithic thermal barrier incorporating condensation control. A bonus advantage of this application is the incredibly high attenuation of rain noise and reverberation control within the space directly below.
    • ENVIROSPRAY 300 can be pumped to entirely infill wall and floor cavities to obtain a high density insulation barrier for transmission loss enhancement.
    • Typically ENVIROSPRAY 300 is installed in theatres, night clubs, loading docks, multi function halls, basketball courts, swimming pools, music studios, plantrooms, detention centres, call centres, auditoriums, cinema halls, restaurants, libraries, commercial offices and almost anywhere – where a reduction in ambient or transmitted noise levels is required.
  • Who Are Enviro-Acoustics?

    Enviro-Acoustics are specialist installers of acoustic, thermal and fire rating products throughout Australia.

    With 25 years of experience, Enviro-Acoustics is professionally managed by Mr Yanick Pierce, with prominent diverse completed projects such as the Sydney Superdome, Fox Studios, Reading Cinemas, Westfields Shopping Centres, Kareeya Power Station and The Sydney Opera House.

    Contracting directly to the largest construction companies in Australia, Enviro-Acoustics are known for on-time execution of major projects, trade related specifically to acoustics, thermal barriers and passive fire protection.

    CONTACT US – And let our engineers design and demonstrate the powerful acoustic and thermal efficiencies of our tested systems.