• ENVIROSPRAY 300 is manufactured from recycled natural fibres and dry packed in 11 kg bags.
  • The product is spray applied to almost any stable substrate using specialised pumping equipment., that can pump from up to 50 meters away.
  • Spray application thickness vary from 10mm to 150mm thickness depending on the required acoustic result. Thicker applications are more efficient in absorbing low frequencies.
  • Adequate masking is provided to adjacent unsprayed surfaces and ENVIROSPRAY 300 is pumped to a 2 component spray gun that injects an adhesive while impacting the dry fibres on the surface to be treated. After the required thickness has been sprayed, the application is allowed to cure for proper adhesion to occur.
  • ENVIROSPRAY 300 has a pleasant carpet like texture that is allowed to remain as the final visual finish for maximum acoustic benefits.

Ideal Applications

  1. Metal Roofs of stadiums, factories, theatres and educational facilities for rain noise reduction, thermal insulation and condensation control.
  2. Concrete floors above Car Parks, 5 & 6 Green Star commercial buildings, correctional centres and loading docks for reverberation control.
  3. Plasterboard ceilings of restaurants, lecture halls, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums for echo reduction and an architectural visual finish.
  4. Masonry or dry wall cavities of night clubs, studios, theatres and stadiums for transmission loss and reverberation control.

Technical Data

Optimum Density 65 kg/m3
Available density Range 25 kg/m3 to 125 kg/m3
Fire Resistance to AS3837 GROUP 1
Fire Resistance to BS 476 CLASS 1
Ingitability Index 0
Spread of Flame Index 0
Heat Developed Index 0
Smoke developed Index 3
Thermal Conductivity 0.0384 W/moK
Material Safety Data Sheet Available on request – CLICK HERE